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Welcome to Life Force Creatives, a family of handmade crafts. I grew up in a small business household, my dad was a beekeeper, and we did craft shows and farmer’s markets all around the PNW. It inspired an entrepreneurial spirit in me, and as a kid I would create everything from dream catchers to beaded earrings and wreaths to sell and trade at the shows. I never lost my creative side, as I started my own photography business, but recently I have found another outlet in making gemstone bracelets. I have enjoyed making them with love, knowing that they help my customers by wearing them. My mom and I also make 8 strand crocheted necklaces. It’s helped keep me sane and happy during the pandemic with so much time spent at home not working, or being able to be out with friends. Please let me know if I can help you with anything or if you have any questions.

My dad the beekeeper

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